Course ・コース紹介

Lesson Style

Blaze Englishで行うレッスンは全て少人数のグループレッスンです。

みなさんのポテンシャルを最大限に引き出すと同時に、楽しく英語を学んでいくのがBlaze Englishです!

At Blaze English, we will have all courses taught in small groups.
We will have one main teacher per group, and up to 2 bilingual staff as support teachers to run the lessons!
As much as we’d love to make the courses productive, we always love to have FUN!

コースの種類 – Lesson Types

Blaze Englishでは3つのコースを選ぶ事ができます♪

In Blaze English, we offer 3 different courses for you to choose!
For each course, experienced teachers will provide lessons for you to enjoy and improve your English!

①  Beginner (初心者)

Just starting to learn English? this is the course for you! gain confidence to Talk with people in simple conversations.

② Intermediate (中級者) 

Can you already have basic conversations in English? then Intermediate is the perfect course to take your English and confidence to the next level.

③ Advance (上級者)

Feel confident in your English conversation but looking to improve even more? Then this is the course for you! its time to reach your full potential!